This has honestly been the worst week of my life.

I miss my dog so much. I just can’t believe he is gone. We bottle fed him 11 years ago and now… He’s left a hole in my heart.

I miss him so much.


I’m too afraid to love him. I can’t risk being hurt again. I think I might need some time.

On another note, I can’t stop crying. I can’t believe she is gone. I don’t want to believe she is gone. She was so innocent. The one problem with loving animals more than humans is they don’t live as long. I just hope she knew she was loved in the last few weeks. That’s all I want.

Acceptance is the way to happiness.

You crumble with the lies you tell, honey. 

  • You know, I think I am going to keep this quiet for a while. I'm too happy and it's no ones business anyway.
I love when I find a movie and I just get so excited cause it’s just so goddamn good.

I got some great advice tonight. If you’re friendship hurts you more than the good things you’re are getting out of it, stop trying. It’s so sad the amount of love I have for this person but I have to realize, the love I did have was for the person I thought I knew. You made me feel really shitty and you never actually cared about my problems. It just hurts me so much that I have to try and stop caring and move on.

Its really amazing what some people don’t know. This is going to be a fun summer. I don’t even do half of what I get accused of. I do know who does though. They will have a bitter taste on their tongue by the end of this. I am done being nice. Might of well have done the things I am accused of. Get ready. 

I’m just so happy

Things are falling into place. ❤️😊